Who is Také Sato?

Photographed by Rankin

Photographed by Rankin

Také Sato was born in Tokyo in 1976. His in depth knowledge of fashion brands, products and factories began from his own research, visiting many of the retailers in the area. After gaining a BA in Political Science at Keio University, Sato worked for five years as a fashion editor for Smart and Smart Max magazine (Takarajimasha Publishing).

 In order to expand his career, Sato studied History of Design at the Royal College of Art in London from 2005. Whilst finishing his dissertation, Sato met Tyler Brûlé and became fashion editor of Monocle magazine from its launch in 2007.  Sato was appointed fashion director in 2010.

Také Sato Ltd was launched in February 2014, in London. Sato's company delivers unique services for fashion styling and creative direction globally.