United Kingdom


In 1894, John Barbour founded the waterproof outerwear brand in South Shields. Barbour is well known for its waxed cotton jackets, which are still manufactured in the area. View project

traditional weatherwear

In 1974, Mackintosh (a coat maker) from Scotland started the sister label Traditional Weatherwear. View project

christopher raeburn

After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Christopher Raeburn started his fashion label. The brand's philosophy is to recycle, reuse and remake British and European military materials. View project


The global business magazine launched in March 2007. Today it is distributed in over 80 countries. View project






The company was founded in 1918 as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. in order to produce lightbulb sockets. View project


Uniqlo is one of the most innovative brands. The company already existed in 1949 as a small retailer called Ogori Shoji in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan. View project


Since Muji was founded in 1979, the brand's no logo and good quality policy is popular worldwide. It's been just over 25 years since they came to the UK & European market. View project


As part of Japan Airlines, Jalux handles the airlines' in-flight, online and duty free sales.
In April 2015, Jalux launched a concept store "Tabitus". View project





United States

Freemans sporting club

In 2005 Freemans Sporting Club started the menswear brand combined with the barber shop, which grew out of their restaurant in lower East of Manhattan, NYC. View project

Gitman Vintage

In 1932, Max Gitman launched a shirt and pyjama company in Pennsylvania. His two sons started Gitman Bros. in 1978, which is inherited as Gitman Vintage nowadays. All the products are still made in the USA. View project


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